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30 Mar 2015

African Futurists meet to discuss the current trends - and the future offcourse!

For a while now I have been part of the African Futurists community. I met Geci who is the lead at the South Africa Node of the millennium Project in May 2012 at a meeting where Rockefeller grantees from the South – South regions had come together for a conversation to talk about the future. For about a minute I was lost – I was seated amongst people who visibly had met before but more than that, had a different understanding of what was going on around the world and the continent and expressed it in a different way.  They were talking about the future and they were talking of futures methodologies. 
23 Mar 2015

Why Africa is not poor - of scavengers and looters

This is a guest blog by Twakirwa David

The narrative that Africa is rich because of its natural resources and a broad base of human capital is true but remains incomplete. While other nations progressively plan and implement carefully thought out ideas for developmental societies, Africa remains trapped in both covert and overt conflicts, political power struggles, famine and disasters. Some of the entrapments remain self-inflicted and induced. Despite the capitalist orientation transferred to many of us, Africa remains anchored on ‘ubuntu’, togetherness and collectivism.
17 Feb 2015

Father Lokodo and what he is not addressing about pornography in Uganda

The Ugandan minister of Ethics and Integrity today called for a Press Conference to address the issue of pornography in the country. Now, Father Lokodo has been popular for quite a while now due to his various comments and his approach to morality in the country which is his mandate I believe. 

The whole Ethics and Integrity ministry is one of those since its creation I have not been able to quite understand. The first minister to ever hold office was Miria Matembe and we loved for being very shrewd and outspoken. I remember her asking that men who rape young girls be castrated because they cannot control themselves.
28 Jan 2015

Social Media and politics - Lessons from within and without

Happy New year.  

Where I come from – it is never too late to say that. It goes on until the end of the first quarter I think.

So, I have just come back from what I believe was a very enlightening meeting with the CDU party digital team in Berlin. CDU is the party that the German Chancellor Angella Merkel belongs to. CDU is also an acronym for Christian Democratic Union - now that came quite as a surprise. Anja – the head of the digital team when taking us through the offices said to us : “I know that we appear to be a secular state but we do have a strong religious background.”  Believe me – I found that very comforting.