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17 May 2015

Re:publica - What happens when voting and protests do not deliver the democracies we want?

Some of the GIG-ers [Global Innovation Gathering participants] playing fussball at the GIG booth. Techies know how to have fun. Work hard, Play hard Photo Credit: re:publica
13 stages, 3 days, 7000 people, 300 hours of sessions and lots of coffee are what people call familiar at what is one of the biggest tech related conferences ever – Re:publica. I would say the same – but mostly because  I have not seen that many people at an event before having so much fun and serious conversations at the same time. 
1 May 2015

South Africa attacks - lessons that we can learn

A lot has been said about Xenophobia and the attacks on Africans living in South Africa. Some have called it Afro-phobia and questions have been raised on how the conclusion was drawn that it is Xenophobia and not Afro-phobia or if it is a combination of both. Regardless Africa has a huge problem on its hands and we also have an opportunity to learn from it.

I have been thinking - we have a long way to go  as Africa before we are able to stand tall. But that does not mean that we are not getting there. What is happening in South Africa, sad as it may be in a way had to happen. And before you pick up stones and begin to throw them at me - hear me out. It is not a good idea to sweep your house and hide the dirt under the carpet - never has been. Because with time, the dirt will come to the surface by way of making you sick or smell or by being discovered. And when that happens -- it is never pleasant. And I think that, that is what is happening in South Africa - it is at that point when stuff comes out from under the carpets. All individuals, people, organisations, companies, countries, establishments wherever they may be have issues- there is no flaw  free anything. How we deal with our issues is what sets us apart - go to see a shrink, resort to substance abuse, hire a consultant, find refuge in religion - etc. And I am hoping that South Africa - the people, the nation will work together and find a solution. Because they need to.
30 Mar 2015

African Futurists meet to discuss the current trends - and the future offcourse!

For a while now I have been part of the African Futurists community. I met Geci who is the lead at the South Africa Node of the millennium Project in May 2012 at a meeting where Rockefeller grantees from the South – South regions had come together for a conversation to talk about the future. For about a minute I was lost – I was seated amongst people who visibly had met before but more than that, had a different understanding of what was going on around the world and the continent and expressed it in a different way.  They were talking about the future and they were talking of futures methodologies. 
23 Mar 2015

Why Africa is not poor - of scavengers and looters

This is a guest blog by Twakirwa David

The narrative that Africa is rich because of its natural resources and a broad base of human capital is true but remains incomplete. While other nations progressively plan and implement carefully thought out ideas for developmental societies, Africa remains trapped in both covert and overt conflicts, political power struggles, famine and disasters. Some of the entrapments remain self-inflicted and induced. Despite the capitalist orientation transferred to many of us, Africa remains anchored on ‘ubuntu’, togetherness and collectivism.