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7 Apr 2014

Kampala, Uganda Global Shapers are recruiting.

The Uganda Global Shapers community is recruiting NEW members:

Are you are an extraordinary young or emerging leaders with unique qualities that set you apart? 
10 Mar 2014

Youth unemployment is real, but the future is bright

There are 74 million young people around the world with no job opportunities, without access to education or even training. This situation is daunting. According to the International Labor Organization 500 million jobs will be created in the next 15years. The challenge is huge & and now a complex one and it is going to be even in the future with more young people joining the labor force. How we can argue is this there is no magic way to trying to create these jobs but I think that the right formula to respond to this is as an opportunity. We don’t want to just look at talk about youth unemployment or youth demanding jobs, we want to look at this as an opportunity to help young people transform the economies of their countries.” UN Youth envoy Ahmad Alhindawi January 2012

The question of youth unemployment and youth involvement in policy making continues to be one of those so passionately debated on the planet. Youth issues remain at the core of so many discussions. And in Africa, it is beginning to be a core issue as well. This is because majority of the nations in Africa are young.

The Youth and African Union Commission says that 65% of the total population of Africa is between the ages of 18 and 35. This automatically makes Africa the most youthful planet with an average age of 20. The population of Africa currently is around 600 million. According to the definition by the African Union, youth in Africa are considered to be between the age of 18 and 35. If there anyone that needs to
5 Mar 2014

Mobile is the new black

Mobile East Africa is an event that happens annually in Nairobi for the last 4 years. Its main intent is to showcase some of the greatest mobile interventions in East Africa at the time. And more importantly to bring together people that have see this industry blossom into what it is today and have them talk about the real issues: challenges, foresight and the great lessons that need to be learned. This year's edition was held in Nairobi February 12th and 13th.

Being a part of this last one was a huge opportunity. Some of the huge lessons learned :

1.SMS is still the way to go.
Tim T Ahonen was the main speaker of this event and he was very unapologetic about this opinion with 12 books about mobile development on his sleeve, he is a force to reckon with. SMS's can be used by anybody. USSD as well, can be used by just about anyone. Majority of the people in Africa today are using non-smart phones,  which are sometimes called feature phones or cheap phones. So as we wait for smart phones to have long lasting battery life and be affordable, let as make use of these two things.
20 Jan 2014

Lessons learned from being Up in the Air

Did you know that worldwide nearly 3 million passengers fly every day? And according to the Air Transportation Association of America, on an average day about 1.8 million passengers are up in the sky over the U.S. on 24,600 flights. In 2012, it was 3 million passengers around the world on 37.5 million flights. I have been up in the air a few times. Some will say that my times have been many, but I also know more people that do fly quite a bit. You will realize that 3 million passengers on 37.5 million flights means that there are many frequent fly-ers.

There are a few lessons that I have learned a long the way, and these are what I will share with you.